Cognitive-Based Job Classification

Levels of Work Complexity (LWC)

PGN HR's cognitive-based job classification measures the requisite mental processes that have visible consequences. For instance: delays in responding to issues, output that can be tested for accuracy, and consequences of errors. We translate the assessment results into 6 levels of work complexity. To make measurement possible, we collect basic information about jobs through an instrument called the “Position Description Questionnaire.”

Step 1

Fill-out PDQ

Fill our the online Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ). This is a multi-paged online questionnaire designed to capture the cognitive requirements of your job.

Click "save and next" if you wish to come back later. Click "submit" once everything is done.

Step 2

View Job Description

View data analytics through the dashboard, as well as your job description.


About PGN Job Fox

PGN Job Fox is a product of Prudential Global Network, LLC. Copyrights and all rights are reserved. Prudential Global Network, LLC (DBA PGN HR) is a woman-owned business. Our legacy dates back to 2004. We are formerly known as Ulibarri-Mason Global HR LP (DBA UM Global HR). We were renamed in 2018 following the retirement of one of the partners. We serve organizations in the public and private sectors.

Most of our clients are academic institutions, local governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Our expertise is in Cognitive Psychology and Human Resources. We apply our knowledge, dedication, and experience to all engagements. PGN Job Fox is a labor of love.

We spent over 15 years researching jobs and applying adult-cognitive development in our job classification. Because it is extensively time-consuming to do all the job classification by hand, we set out to automate our processes.