Market Study

A compensation platform that makes hiring decisions and placement decisions simple.

Data Analytics and Visualization Capability

The manual tasks of entering survey data, analyzing, and making sense of such data are handled smoothly by PGN Job Fox. We integrated and automated all repetitive steps and tasks.

Data such as market rates, variable pay, job documentation, compensable factors can simply be mined and utilized for hiring decisions.

Data Collection

Constant Data Gathering Process

PGN Job Fox gathers updated data from human resources departments across the country on a weekly basis. The process is done by industry.

Through automated notification and simple-two-step process data upload, PGN Job Fox is able to keep its market data up-to-date and able to analyze information in record time.

  1. From the menu select market data
  2. From the drop-down select "market composite"

Data Analytics

Predictive Statistics

The data analytics section provides these types of analysis: Inferential Statistics, descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric tests, and the time value of money.

  1. From the dashboard select "Data Analytics"

2. From the menu, select the types of analysis you wish to see.

3. Customize what you want to see by selecting "options."

Reporting & Visualization

At your fingertips

This area is for visualizing scenarios of "what ifs." Depending on your access level, you are able to customize what you want to see based on what you think is feasible or important for your department, unit, or organization.

  1. From the menu, click "Report & visualization."
  2. From the tools, select "customize the report."
  3. After customization, select "download reports" and choose between pdf format or spreadsheet.