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Automated and Customized Job Descriptions

PGN Job Fox's job description builder solution is used for reviewing performance against the standards of a well documented essential and predominant duties. Our solution provides both legally defensible and morally ethical strategies for motivating, attracting, and retaining high performers.

Our job description builder solution is used not only for existing employees but for attracting candidates as well. PGN Job Fox's RPA powered Job Description builder solution is intuitive and simple to use.

With our simple PDQ and SPDQ forms, anyone can build a job description in minutes. Output can be chosen as a PDF or Word document. For analysis, you can even choose to save your collection of job descriptions as an Excel spreadsheet file.

Choose From Our Job Description Builder Library

Special Features

We have over 9,000 jobs in our library. You can filter your search by industry, by job function, by job title, or by job family.

Select from the list of duties, tasks, and essentials

Select from the list of working environment and physical requirements of the job

You can also enter your unique requirements

Qualifications, Licensure, Certifications, Academic Degrees, Diplomas

  • Our extensive library holds over 30,000 state-mandated licensure and professional certificate, both locally and internationally for multi-national organizations.
  • Multi-selection is possible for positions that require more than one licensure or certificate.
  • We maintain an extensive library of Academic Degree Programs and Trade Certification through our relationships with colleges & universities.
  • Select from the lists of physical job demands and work environment, or add your own.
  • Save and export to your computer in PDF or Word format.
  • ADA, EEO, FLSA, compliance clearly stated in the finished format

Job Description Builder Solution for Future Job Position

There are times when job creation is a necessity, rather than a luxury. In fact, job creation is an important part of strategic manpower planning to ensure future worker availability. Usually, the future requirements are derived from present circumstances. Through PGN Job Fox's automated job description builder, you can put together comprehensive job documentation to support your job creation.

Your manpower planning strategy, operational, and strategic needs are supported by our tools. We provide industry intelligence in the areas of qualification standards. Moreover, our extensive library will help you visualize an incumbent, a human incumbent:

Assets In Our Library:

  1. Business and Technology Needs Case Studies
  2. Up-to-date industry licensure, and certifications that are compliant with Federal and State laws
  3. Academic Degree Programs that are constantly updated through our close relationships with colleges and universities
  4. Published strategic plans from public and private sector organizations