Use Case

Job Classification, PDQ, and Market Study Workflow

pgnhr_pdq_process flow

Position Description Questionnaire or PDQ is an instrument that is designed to collect information about jobs. This questionnaire allows employees to describe their jobs accurately. The whole process consists of the following events:

  • The administrator issues user credentials and submits them to appropriate employees.
  • Employees will fill out the PDQ within the specified time period.
  • Employees will have a choice to download in PDF format.
  • Submit the PDQ to the supervisor by clicking the button, "Email to Self and Supervisor".
  • The supervisor will receive an email notification about the PDQ as well as a PDF copy of the PDQ.
  • The supervisor will then approve the PDQ by logging on to the "SPDQ" as a supervisor.
  • The supervisor will speak with the employee(s) to reconcile any differences, should they occur.
  • The supervisor will have access to the online Supervisors PDQ to approve the entry.
  • After the supervisor's review, an evaluation of the job is rendered through a mathematical algorithm.
  • Consultants analyze and review the results for consistency, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Job Descriptions are then created based on the information approved by the supervisor.
  • Job Analysis is automatically rendered, as well as the job's assignment to Job Grades.
  • The HR Department, the supervisor, and the consultants will revisit the results.
  • Fine-tuning and necessary revisions will need to be carried out before final decisions are made.